A Complexion Change
Transnational & Intercultural Diplomacy
An International Media Project (UNESCO)

XXVIII. Black International Cinema Berlin
"Future Blossoms" / "Blüten der Zukunft"

May 8-12

"Footprints in the Sand?" Exhibition
"...Visions Become Reality..." / "...Visionen Werden Wirklichkeit..."

July 1-August 31


Venue: Rathaus Schöneberg (city hall), John-F.-Kennedy-Platz, 10825 Berlin/Germany

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A Complexion Change
Transnational & Intercultural Diplomacy
An International Media Project (UNESCO)

Future Blossoms

"Only when lions have historians will hunters cease being heroes." - African Proverb

Deductive and inductive reasoning as sources for aspiring towards
utopia in human relations,
in other words
You have to learn stuff before you know how to do stuff.

The idea of constructive relationships, based upon human creations, arose many years ago from the inspiration and demands of our father, who insisted despite my uncooperative response"s", to provide my sisters and I with additional education, despite our having to endure the drudgery of attending school on a daily and demanding basis.

I am speaking on my sisters behalf, without their permission, I might add.

Needless to say, our parents' efforts on our behalf, eventually were and are mightily appreciated, but this recognition required time, many years in fact.

Well, at least on my part.

Our father spoke with us about reasoning, deductive and inductive approaches to learning and critical thinking.

The deductive approach, from general information to specific information and the inductive path, was from the opposite direction, namely specific information to general information, both approaches in the pursuit of knowledge.

As a result of training and experience in the creations of painting, cinema, psychology and education, I began over time to recognize the contributions and relevance of each knowledge field to another.

The creations of impressionism seemed related to the Rorschach examination, associated with Sigmund Freud and the recording and documentation through film and photography, were complimentary reinforcements to the aforementioned fields.

The daily mental exercise and experience through schooling and self initiative, were designed to provide a basis for increasing knowledge and hence my understanding of the interactive relationship between studies.

Ergo, the flow of information from various persons into their respective fields of competence seemed to me a principle for much broader human interaction, involving fields of interest and examples of human sharing and hence constructive interaction.

The inductive approach is also beneficial to human kind, but when assessing the social, emotional and educational requirements of large populations with varying and perhaps lesser degrees of resources, I believe persons possessing the requisite knowledge and additional resources, are far out numbered by persons without these possibilities.

Those who have been blessed with much are responsible to share these gifts with their and our less fortunate persons, either from a moral or self-interested perspective, or both.

As a result, the chickens will be satisfied where they are and need to look no further for a place to roost.

Therefore, deductive reasoning and the accompanying behavior are utilized for the encouragement of understanding and cooperation towards more inclusive, supportive and interactive societies.

Hence, as a result, we have possibilities for a more peaceful world through deductive and inductive reasoning.

These intellectual and emotional realities exist and we should continue to develop and encourage their usage for our individual, societal and international aspirations towards the utopia we seek in human relationships.


Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith

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"I may not make it if I try, but I damn sure won´t if I don´t..."
Oscar Brown Jr.

"Mankind will either find a way or make one."
C.P. Snow

"Whatever you do..., be cool!"
Joseph Louis Turner

"Yes, I can...!"
Sammy Davis Jr.

"Yes, We can...!"
Barack Obama


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