1993 - 1997

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Foreword 1993 - Coming to America

Black International Cinema 1993 - Film List

Foreword 1994 - Cross Cultural Communication

Black International Cinema 1994 - Film List

Black International Cinema 1994 - Dance Program

Foreword 1995 - 10 Years After

Black International Cinema 1995 - Film List

No More Mr. White Guy - (Harper´s Magazine)

Black International Cinema 1995 - Dance Program

Oscar Brown Jr.: "Reverend Rex" - A Play by Oscar Brown Jr.

Prose/Poems by Oscar Brown Jr.

Dr. Michael T. Martin:
Third World Migrants, Immigrants & Refugees in Europe´s Metropoles

Dr. Abdul Alkalimat: Reflections On Malcolm X In 1992

Hans Arnold: Germany, A Part Of Europe And The World

Dr. De´Bryant:
Dark Skin, Dangerous Knowledge:
Blacks, Women & Black Women In The Coming Century

Dr. N. Frank Ukadike: African Films: A Retrospective & Vision For The Future

Dr. Mamadou S.C. Janneh: 
A Comparative Study Of Black Africans On The Continent And Diaspora
Overview - Preserved Images - 
10 Years of Black International Cinema...1986-1995
Fountainhead Tanz Theatre / A Residence, Studio and Performing Complex - 
An Architectual Vision, a design by Harold F. McKinney
Minister Louis Farrakhan Calls For One Million Man March 
(The Final Call newspaper, Vol.14, Nr. 4)

Robert Alan Bellinger: Cleaning House in Africa

Dr. Christophe C. Kougniazonde: The Namibian Issue: Has Superpower Involvement Eased Or Delayed Settlement Of Namibia?

Drs. Linda and Paul Shaver: 
The Dilemna Of Multicultural Communication: 
Interaction As Conflict Or Emergent Discourse
Thomas Allen Harris, Raul Ferrera-Balanquet & Contributors: 
Narrating Our History - A Dialogue Among Queer Media From The African Diaspora
Dr. Beverely Greene: 
African American Women: Derivatives Of Racism & Sexism In Psychotherapy
Dr. John Smith: 
Culture, Communication & Afrocentrism: 
Some Rhetorical Implications Of A New World Order

Dr. Mark C. Green: Dentistry, An Untapped Source For Minorities

Oliver Kuhn: The Global Village: Possibilities To Obtain Information

Foreword 1996 - Toys ´R´ Us

Black International Cinema 1996 - Film List

Foreword 1997 - The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

Black International Cinema 1997 - Film List

Fountainhead Tanz Theatre - Resume

Black International Cinema - Critics


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