31. Black International Cinema Berlin 2016


Opening doors in a changing society –
Black International Cinema Berlin


Culture, April 21, 2016


From May 13 to 15, the Black International Cinema Berlin festival occurs for the 31st time. Under the motto "The Message is our Direction – A Complexion Change", films from Africa and the Diaspora will be presented.


31. Black International Cinema Berlin 2016


Directed by Fountainhead® Tanz Théâtre and Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith, the Black International Cinema Berlin Festival takes place from May 13 to 15 at the Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte (House of Democracy and Human Rights) in Berlin. Subject matter of this year's event is the change in the appearance of society, which becomes aware of being influenced by social, economic and political adjustments. Internationally produced films and the exhibition "Footprints in the Sand" build the framework of cultural exchange. In 2015, Black International Cinema Berlin was awarded the EFFE Award as one of Europe's best festivals.

"Africa does not need help," reads the statement of an Angolan immigrant in Brazil. But is there any truth to this statement in times of growing migrant flow to Europe? Is there really no help needed or in which form does help make sense? No society can remain the same over progressive years, says Professor Donald Muldrow Griffith. Historically viewed, global diversification is inevitable.
The contributed films of the festival are intended to encourage the coexistence of societies with increasing ethnic diversity more constructive. Instead of fighting diversification, the festival aims to open doors and through communication, make conflicts and customs in the African community more known and accessible. This is not processed through an academic way or by mere media coverage, but in the form of an art forum, which provides the framework for a cultural exchange.

The Brazilian documentary "The Other Side Of The Atlantic" illuminates the challenges faced by migrants from Angola or Cape Verde in Brazil. False perception of reality through television productions is discussed as well as the omnipresent subject matter of racism. In an eight-part series of short films entitled "Sierra Leone on the Mend", the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone is represented. The village population is torn between the deep-rooted desire to care for their families and the state's order of quarantine to prevent further Ebola spread. "Black Ballerina", an American production highlights the difficult conditions for African-American ballerinas in an environment characterized by racial prejudice.
For several years, the festival has cooperated with Iranian filmmakers, who in recent years were personally present during the event and provided an opportunity for exchange.

These are just some examples of the variety of the multicultural, independently produced film projects, some of which are only presented during the Black International Cinema Berlin Festival. Here the artists are to be provided with a platform from which they can present impressions of the African community through their art, which otherwise remains inaccessible for society.

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31. Black International Cinema Berlin31. Black International Cinema Berlin 201631. Black International Cinema Berlin 2016
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31. Black International Cinema Berlin 2016