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XXV. Black International Cinema Berlin 2010
Anniversary - Jubiläum

A COMPLEXION CHANGE - International & Intercultural Diplomacy
The Magical Oasis Cinema Experience

in cooperation with / in Kooperation mit der
Commissioner for Integration, District Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Berlin
Integrationsbeauftragten des Bezirks Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Berlin

4.-8. Mai 2010

Kinosaal (cinema) & Bibliothek (library)
John-F.-Kennedy-Platz 1
10825 Berlin, Germany

Admission is without charge / Der Eintritt ist frei

"Opportunity, please knock...
….We Have A Dream and Still We Rise.…"



Film for the Future

With luck, good health, perseverance, determination, great friends and the Supreme Being's permission, we have arrived at the 25th edition of production, presentation and preservation of the Black International Cinema Berlin.

When all of this began, almost a quarter of a century ago, there was no awareness or thought of continuing what Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre had begun through the construct and production of Europe's first Black Cultural Festival, which during the last week of a 3 week festival March 3-23, 1986, gave birth to the Black International Cinema Berlin at the Arsenal Cinema, Welser Str. 25, under the kind guidance of Mrs Erika Gregor and others.

I must say, I clearly remember the relief I felt and which was probably shared by my family and colleagues, of reclining in the darkened cinema and allowing the images on screen to do the work of talking and presenting. I was exhausted and silently thanked everyone and everything, for our respite in the comfortable cinema seats.

Good fortune and practicality led Gayle McKinney Griffith and I to decide to continue the film festival, as the Black Cultural Festival 1986 had exhausted us physically, emotionally and oh yes, had put a hurting on our budget!

As we had utilized film from the Arsenal cinema archive for the first festival presentation, it became necessary to devise a means by which we obtained film for the future.

So, we began distributing announcements locally and internationally via mail and fax, as e-mail was not on our vision scope at the time, in search of cinematic resources to share with ourselves and the audience.

And so it continued, year after year and with the support of collaborators, who have come and gone over many years and festivals.

Two persons we met through dance classes and other artistic activities, have remained with us until today and without their care and support, the 25th edition of the Black International Cinema Berlin 2010 would not be readily apparent.

I refer to Angela Kramer, our production co-ordinator, and Marion Kramer, the person responsible for public relations co-ordination.

The titles are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of their much valued contributions for many years and their additional undertakings with Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre, THE COLLEGIUM - Forum & Television Program, publications and artistic presentations.

The most historically relevant provider to the founding and development of Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre, Black International Cinema Berlin, Cultural Zephyr e.V. and THE COLLEGIUM - Forum & Television Program is Prof. Gayle McKinney Griffith, who has always contributed wisdom, patience, experience, intelligence, talent and loving care in support of the achievements of Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre and the Griffith family.

Dear Ladies, I thank you and trust we will be together when the plus 25th edition of the film festival rolls around in 2035!

Speaking on behalf of the ladies and myself, we also trust the efforts of Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre have been, are and will continue to be a source of information and inspiration to all, both near and far.

Welcome to the XXV. Black International Cinema Berlin 2010!

Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith

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