Put a Candle in these long Nights

Greetings my friends,

now it is november in berlin,
the nights are very long
and it is not finished yet.
In these times,
the dragon is very strong,
the door
between this world and the next
is wide open,
every Step I take,
I have to push and push to make it work,
I hear my friends complaining of hard times
yes many people die in these times
and relations break easily, in these times

yeah listen my friends,
lets put a candle on,
do our prayers, stay home
outside, the earth is sleeping
and we, too, have to slow down
Put a little candle on
sing a little prayer song
ee, this little little candle light
burn through the so long night
no, .ll never give up the fight
oh, this little little candle light
yes, it is me, thats me, the fire is me!!!
And it burns, burns, burns
The ring of fire, lol, the ring of fire.

And never forget,
whatever happens in your lives,
jahjah never gives u more than u can handle,
and whenever u suffer, know
that suffering gives u strength
and november will pass
as every year
Jah merci
21 december is midwinter, the longest night
so from there on, it takes 12 more nights,
and we will be born again
and stronger than the year before
jah is a great creator,

love and light
blessed friends